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"Do You currently work with a Team (Or plan to in the future?)"

Even if you don’t have a Team now… as your business grows and expands, someday you probably will. Here’s your opportunity to lock-in this Lifetime Deal today (with no monthly fees)… so you’ll have extra Team spots ready to go, the minute you are ready to use them.

Here's what a 5-User (Lifetime Deal) license will do for you:
  • Never stress over having only ONE username + password... you get 5 more
  • Easily share your GERU Account (and funnel projects) with your team.
  • View, Edit & Collaborate on Funnel maps, plans and simulations.
  • Give your (current or future) Freelancers and Team Members full (or temp) access.
  • Full Control: Only the Account Admin can create, edit, delete Multi-User Accounts.
This allows you to add 5 additional user logins to have access to your account.
(You can remove & replace users at anytime)