Marketing Agencies Land New Clients Using

"Digital Marketing Simulator" Software

FEB 25 / Business & Marketing


Marketing Agencies are BOOMING with revenue growth!  It's one of the fastest growing industries in 2021. Millions of businesses around the world need help managing their Digital Marketing efforts.

Methods for landing paying clients, however, are rapidly evolving...

A simple PDF 'proposal' outlining a summary of what you propose to do for a client used to be enough.   Now savvy Marketing Agencies are using cutting-edge tools to 'wow' clients and more easily communicate the benefits of why a client should signup with them.

One of these cutting-edge tools is "Digital Marketing Simulator" software like the one from GERU.

Tell Them VS. Show Them

Some agencies are still relying on only written descriptions to communicate to potential clients what they propose to do for them.   A more powerful way is to visually SHOW a client what you propose to do for them.

With a software tool like GERU, you can quickly & easily create beautiful "Funnel Maps" and flow diagrams showing a potential client what you propose to build for them OR how you will improve what they're currently doing.


By showing potential clients a visual "blueprint" (or model) of what you propose to build for them, they can more easily SEE what they will be getting from their investment in your agency.

When clients are able to visualize the work that is going to be done, such as seeing the blueprint for a house yet to be built, they can emotionally connect with the "future benefit" of why to hire you in the first place.

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Marketing Agencies Getting More Clients

Even more powerful than SHOWING a client what you propose to build for them is demonstrating how your work can affect their bottom line... i.e. the actual improvement potential it can bring to their business.

Ultimately, every client only cares about ONE thing...

"Will hiring this Marketing Agency bring a positive ROI?"


The client wants to simply make more money in their business.  That's it.  That's the only reason they'd want to hire you or not.

Digital Marketing Simulator software like GERU can "run the numbers" behind any Funnel Map or Campaign Model you visually map out...

Enter hypothetical (or actual) conversion rates, product prices, costs, and more.   Then simulate a Traffic Campaign along with its costs.

GERU will automatically 'simulate' the bottom line numbers for potential Revenue & Profit.   But it also calculates so much more... all the important Digital Marketing metrics... CPA, CPL, CPC, ROAS, and more.

These key metrics are exactly what your potential clients want to see so they can understand the potential of what your work can do for their business.

Quickly & Easily Show 'Cause & Effect' Of What Your Proposed Changes Can Do For Your Client's Business

With GERU's built-in "Scenarios" you can create more than one version of of the same simulation - yet make minor changes to a version to show how the metrics will change.

For example, if a client currently has a 2.5% Sales Conversion Rate, you can create a base simulation using those numbers, and then create a 2nd version (scenario) showing what would happen if you helped them increase their Sales Conversion Rate to 3.5%.

You can hit GERU's "simulate" button and the software will run all the numbers for you and show you how their business would improve if that conversion rate increased to 3.5%.

You can create more complex Scenarios as well.   Show a client the difference in their bottom line numbers if they added an Upsell to their primary offer.   Or a backend offer.   Or added additional incoming traffic, retargeting, etc.  And so much more.

If you're ready to 'wow' and close more potential clients for your Marketing Agency by using a Digital Marketing Simulator, you can learn more about GERU right now and take advantage of a Special Lifetime Account Deal for only $67. No monthly fees forever.

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