GERU v2.5: MAJOR Update is Finally Ready!

Many of you have been patienlty waiting for our v2.0 update. That update grew(...and grew...and grew some more) in scope. A few new features were added to the list (based on some great feedback from our valued customers like. you)... and before we knew it, we "jumped" from v2.0 right to v2.5

This update has been many months in the making. Everyone here at GERU is super excited to get v2.5 into your hands.

To make things easier...added below is an explanation of what has been added to v2.5

Enable Y-path & N-path Multi-Connections Per Object

This was one of our most requested features to add. It’s here! Now, you can connect funnel object A to funnel object’s B, C and D simultaneously.

New Funnel Objects — Calendar, Pop-Up, Phone Order

Once again, we’ve been listening… many of you told us that you need a way to book meetings, appointments or discovery calls in your funnel maps. The Calendar funnel object is for that.

Also, we added a Pop-Up object to recapture lost traffic and a Phone Order object if you close/book sales over the phone.

Retargeting — Attach Retargeting to N-path and/or Y-path

Another item on the list of “most requested features” is about Retargeting. If you’ve ever asked, “Why can’t I just add/connect Retargeting to my N-path traffic?!?”. That’s solved.

Now, you can capture all your “N” (No path) traffic and send those visitors directly into a Retargeting campaign.

Object Settings “Customize” tab — custom object label text, image selection

Every business is a bit different. Do you call it an opt-in page, squeeze page, “Lander”, Free Download, Lead Gen Page… or something else?

With v2.5 you can CUSTOMIZE every funnel object’s (footer) text with a label that best describes it. This means that you can have custom text in the object Title AND Footer (Label). Or, you can choose to leave those areas empty/blank. It’s your choice.

What’s more… we are adding a growing collection of CUSTOM images, so you can “reskin” any funnel object with an image that may work better for you.

Here’s more good news, for all our non-English funnel simulators…

Multi-language & Character Support in Object Title/Label

In the past, GERU didn’t handle some (non-English) languages very well. That has been fixed. Today, you can use any language in your GERU funnel object Titles… Labels AND Notes — even languages that include unique characters such as Japanese or Arabic.

New Currencies — Israeli Shekel (ILS), Rwanda Frac (RWF), Phillipean Peso

We are adding new currencies all the time. Even more currencies are planned to be added soon. If you don’t see your local currency in GERU, get in touch with our support team and kindly let us know!

Thank You Page object — Added Y/N “Call to Action” toggle

Compared to the big features mentioned above, this is a small addition. However, we’ve been listening to your feedback and this has been suggested. Now, you can add a Thank You funnel object with a Y/N Call to Action AND multiple Y-path connections.

Double bonus!

Redesigned (Smaller footprint) Traffic Entry and Retargeting images

We’ve made some small tweaks to make the Traffic Entry and Retargeting Entry points more streamlined with a smaller footprint.

Canvas Notes - Added “transparent background” color option

Now you have the option of a “clear” or transparent background when adding Notes to the canvas. This is great for adding Notes that you don’t want to stand out (or highlight) such as Implementation/build out Notes… add tag instructions, etc.


Redesigned UI: New New 2.5 Look & Feel

The team here at GERU made some fairly significant changes to the toolbar layout and icon and object images within GERU. We feel that this new layout provides a better user experience while the image/icon enhancements give GERU a fresh contemporary look and feel.

Updated: New Funnel Object Icons & Funnel Object Images

We’ve spiffed up all the funnel object icons and images with a more contemporary, pro-level look.

Allow users to add Profile image/pic

You can now add a profile picture/image to your GERU profile. Camera shy? No biggie. There’s a default placeholder image you can use instead.

Added Create New Project icon shortcut to the top toolbar

This makes it super fast for GERU Pros (like you) and new users alike to easily create a new Project with a simple click of the plus icon.

Added Activity Log Tracking

GERU keeps a time/date stamp of everything that has been changed, deleted or added at the Project level. Now you’ll know exactly what was changed, when and who did it.

Added To-Do List For Improved Project Tracking

This handy-dandy To-Do list gives you a bird’s eye view of all your funnel page elements. You’ll see in a glance what is Done or still in the Plan phase.


Improved Performance/Load Time When Project/Blueprint Is Clicked

Many of the new-and-improved features in v2.5 you can’t actually “see”. Our team of super-coders have been working tirelessly to improve the performance of GERU. Load time, save time… running faster Simulations, etc. This part of develop never stops.

You already know this… GERU is complex software — performing hundreds of checks and balances and calculations simultaneously (crunching numbers, using formulas). Our goal is to continue to improve GERU and provide a better user experience with each new version and update.

Thank you ❤️

Last (but by no means least)… A BIG thank you to you… our valued customers!

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and feedback. 80% of the items included in v2.5 are directly because of you — and all the comments and feedback we have been given over the past few months.

What’s next? Version 2.5 is only the beginning. We have more things planned. Some cool new features and enhancements to make GERU even more powerful and invaluable to your business. Hope you are excited about the direction of GERU and what’s to come.

It’s time for you to stop reading… dive-in… and take GERU v2.5 for a test drive.

We hope you love what you see :)


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