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GERU - The Digital Marketing Simulator

Now For Agencies & Consultants

After receiving so many special requests for a very unique GERU account...

Our Development Team has been very hard at work for the past year developing it....

And it's finally here!

If you run an Agency or consult with clients... you'll be very excited to see what we have created to help you and your Agency be more successful...

GERU Agency is here!

You asked us...

Q: Can I white-label GERU so I can hide the GERU logo, URL, branding?

YES! Now you can with GERU Agency.

Q: Can I create accounts for all my clients?

YES! Now you can with GERU Agency.

Q: Can I collaborate (in realtime) with my Team & Clients?

YES! Now you can with GERU Agency.

And we have only scratched the surface here.

As an Agency owner, if you have ever wanted those Top 3 features (mentioned above) and more... keep reading to see what GERU Agency will do for you...

Here's an overview of what you get once you upgrade to GERU Agency...


GERU Agency will support the complete Private Branding of our software. If you work with clients, the entire software will have the appearance that it belongs to your company. You will be able to replace the GERU logo on the User Interface with Your Logo, as well as change some of the UI’s color scheme to more closely match the branding style of your own company’s logo & colors...


Don't want your clients to see, when they login? Now you can setup a Custom Domain and mask with the domain of your choice.


Or you can use any subdomain on your own domain as you want... such as,,

GERU will run behind-the-scenes on YOUR DOMAIN. Not just for logins, but as the software is used. Your domain still remain inside the browser bar!

This will give your Agency the 'look' that you have developed your own sophisticated software just for your clients.

Our software will appear to load on your server/domain instead of ours (



GERU Agency will also offer a private Client Login page (on your domain name) so your clients will log into GERU from what appears to be your web site.... with no mention of GERU anywhere.



With GERU Agency you can also set a variety of View/Add/Edit/Delete permissions for individual Team members or Clients at the project level.

Use the Account Control Level presets or customize the Canvas, Report and Project permissions for each member of your team.


This was a popular feature request. Not an easy thing to add... but our team of super coders managed to pull it off.

Now you can collaborate in REAL-TIME with people on your Team or walk your client through a funnel map and simulation. What this means is, if you modify a GERU Project, all the changes will been seen in real-time by everyone viewing the same project.



Our customers love our Blueprints because they save time and make mapping easier. We already have a handful of new "Agency specific" Blueprints waiting for you inside your GERU Agency account. More Funnel Blueprints are planned. You'll get these automatically added to your account at no extra cost.



GERU Agency provides a dedicated ‘Messaging’ area where your Clients can leave comments and feedback about anything you create within GERU for them to see.

Your Team members can also post messages to communicate on a Project together. GERU maintains a history log for each project so you can drilldown to see the exact timeline, changes and communications.


You may be wondering...

Is GERU Agency for closing new clients or to better service existing clients?

The answer is... BOTH.

1) New Clients?

Here's How GERU Agency Will Help You Close More...

Sure, sending a typical PDF proposal, static Funnel Map or booking a Zoom call is a great way to sign up new clients.

Using GERU Agency... you can truly differentiate your Agency from the competition and take your Agency to the next level.

You’ll have a very valuable ‘secret weapon’ to help you land even more clients. Use GERU Agency by itself, or combine it with your PDF proposals and conference calls.

- Show clients, in real-time, what you propose to build for them. Run a Simulation to show them how some of the numbers can work out. Using GERU, let them see the potential and understand your roadmap to get there.

- Model a clients’ current marketing funnel or process and then SHOW THEM how you are proposing to ‘evolve’ it, grow and scale their marketing and their busine

* Prospective clients will be very impressed when they see a Visual Plan & Map, along with a Simulation Walkthrough of exactly what you are offering to do for them.

You are literally creating a vision for your future client -- by showing them the results in advance that you plan to deliver.... and how.

2) Existing Clients?

Here's How GERU Agency Will Help You Better Service Them & Add Value...

- No matter what type of marketing you do for clients, you’ll be able to use GERU Agency to ‘show them’ in a visual way how things are progressing at any time.

- You’ll always be able to use GERU Agency to show your clients not only what has been built or done so far, but to show them what you’ll be creating next for them.

- Show your clients different progress reports, scenarios & simulations to help them understand what you’re doing for them as well as the potential of why they will want to continue to work with your agency.

Plus, with GERU Agency you can keep it a secret that you are using GERU (... your clients will have no clue). Let them think that you custom-created a Digital Marketing Simulator.

Using GERU Agency it's easy to get your clients excited about where things are headed...

Here's where we were (Actual Numbers)... here's where we are going next month (Projections, Simulations).

Here's What To Do Next...

If you are excited about getting started with GERU Agency... and tapping into all the benefits to help you close more clients and better retain your current clients.... then don't delay.

You'll be among the first round of GERU Agencies to start using & showcasing the Agency platform to WOW your clients and book more business.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS - In addition to the standard GERU software Terms & Conditions, GERU Agency accounts may not market, promote, advertise, or sell access to GERU software as a primary product. GERU Agency client sub-accounts are solely intended to be used as a value-added service for agencies & consultants selling managed marketing services. GERU Agency client sub-accounts may not be used outside of marketing services as giveaways for lead generation, product bonus offers, barter, or other purposes.

Client account access can only be provided for active, ongoing client’s of the agency or consultant.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Can I create logins for my Clients and Team?

YES! GERU Agency lets you create separate Client and Team Member logins for your account.

Can I collaborate (in realtime) with my Clients Or Team?

Yes you can. Rather than email a funnel map or send a static link... you can really WOW your clients (or prospective clients)...

Hop on a conference call or Zoom. Make it interactive. Walk your client through their funnel plan/map in real-time... including all the numbers.

Run a simulation and let your client see your forecast, including exactly how you plan to grow & scale their business.

Will GERU ever contact (email) my clients?

GERU will never contact your clients, period. These are your clients, not ours. Nor will we share any information related to your account (including client projects). The privacy and discretion of your clients is assured.

The only exception to this is if one of your clients ever happened to buy one of our company products at some point in the future from our own independent advertising & marketing.

Does GERU Agency include free support & updates?

Yes. As long as you remain an active (paid) member of GERU Agency, you will automatically get all software updates and support at no extra cost.

How long will this Agency discount be available?

Before we release GERU Agency to the public, you can take advantage of this pre-launch (Pilot Program) discount and one-time price. This Lifetime License discount may expire. If you miss the Pilot Program, the only option is to join GERU Agency and pay the regular (non-discounted) monthly price.