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The Facebook & Instagram Ads expert we’ve been telling you about, his name is Depesh Mandalia. You’ve most likely never heard of him.  He’s from London but recently moved his family (wife & 5 kids) to Calgary, Canada to enjoy more of an ‘outdoors’ lifestyle.

After managing millions of dollars in ad spend (and continuing to) on the Facebook Ads Platform, and running A TON OF TESTS, Depesh has figured out many different “Ad Funnel” and ad account structures & strategies that can achieve great ROAS for advertisers.

Our company has yet to find a Facebook & Instagram Ads expert that has the depth of knowledge that Depesh does. He’s one super-smart, genius marketer.

Depesh’s new Private Membership Site is called “AdSignals.”  We worked out a very Special Deal with him and his company for GERU customers to get access to AdSignals at a discounted price (30% OFF) — and they promised that GERU customers would be grandfathered in at the discounted rate.

Real quick…

AdSignals isn’t only about the data, trends, and strategies that Depesh shares that he’s figuring out. Inside the site you’ll also be able to ask questions and ‘network’ with other serious FB Ads advertisers that are also members of the site. The networking alone is invaluable.

In full disclosure, if you become a member of AdSignals (and use the link below on this page) our company will earn a sales commission. But we see this as a true “WIN/WIN” as you get a great discount and our company generates some additional revenue.


This is the special deal AdSignals coupon code that you must place your order with to get the 30% OFF grandfathered-in Membership Rate. 

The regular price is $99/month but GERU customers can be grandfathered-in for their membership at only $67.90/month if you use the AS1GERU coupon code.

On the order form (towards the bottom) you’ll see this:

On the order form in that Coupon Code space just enter AS1GERU and click “apply” and you will see the discount applied.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must click “apply” after you enter the coupon code in order for the discount to take effect.

Click here to learn more about AdSignals and to become a member today. We highly recommend it!  In our opinion, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY when you experience the inside of AdSignals for yourself.